Police reportedly forwarded report on drug case involving B.I to prosecution, who took no further action

Following reports of YG allegedly being involved in covering up B.I‘s involvement in a drug case, suspicion fell on the police as having not properly investigated. Now KBS is reporting that police did file a report to the prosecutor’s office, who subsequently took no action.

KBS confirms in their new reporting that the police did actually file a separate investigative report on the drug allegations against B.I when forwarding the case to the prosecutor’s office, and it was the prosecution that took no further action into the matter. The document KBS references is dated as August 31, 2016, the day after “A” returned to the police with her lawyer to change her testimony about B.I’s involvement. The document clearly states B.I’s real name Kim Han Bin in the title, and the report also notes how “A” had previously talked about purchasing marijuana for B.I and delivering it to him, but had changed her testimony when she returned with her lawyer. The report notes the suspicions police had at the time about the new testimony, stating how the lawyer did not allow “A” to speak freely and appeared to be given written instructions to give an obscure testimony. It is also stated that when the lawyer momentarily left the room, “A” began crying and said, “I’m sorry. There’s something going on that I can’t talk about.” The police state that the report, as well as the KakaoTalk messages “A” had submitted, were all forwarded to the prosecution for further investigation. With such details being revealed, new questions have arisen about why the prosecution did not investigate the allegations surrounding B.I, despite receiving a report and evidence, and why they allowed “A” to leave the country and go overseas despite giving such a testimony.

Many are taking this as exonerating the police from responsibility, but it’s worth asking why given all those signs did they not try to continue investigating the change in testimony instead of just filing a report and being done with it. That said, this is certainly a better look for them than appearing as if nothing was done at all on their end.

Now the question falls on the prosecution, which is likely what the (probable) police source wanted by giving this to KBS. Either way, basically everybody involved at this point acknowledges the change in testimony was suspicious, and so is really everything surrounding how this case was handled.

Again, handwringing over mild drugs isn’t the point here and I couldn’t care less about that aspect. Witness tampering, preferential treatment by authorities, and corruption are definitely issues of concern, however, and are things anybody would want taken seriously.


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