Donald Trump mistakenly tags Red Velvet stan as he whines about USWNT captain Megan Rapinoe, stan responds with fancams

Yesterday, a clip of USA women’s captain Megan Rapinoe went viral after she talked about not visiting the White House should they win the World Cup.

The American president Donald Trump, as he does seemingly hourly, complained about this on his Twitter account.

The problem, of course, is that he tagged @meganrapino (a random account that hadn’t tweeted since 2017) and not @mpinoe (the intended target).

Connecting this back to K-pop, well it turns out that the owner of that account is a fan of Red Velvet and we’ve now found the only useful application of “Zimzalabim, which is to torture the President of the United States after he ruins the menchies of some innocent random.

If it’s not a Red Velvet stan, then it’s at least somebody familiar with Stan Twitter and K-Pop Twitter.

2019 is a hell of time to be alive, folks.




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