Songs You May Have Missed: June Edition

It’s summer. The days are long, the heat is here, and there are yet more tracks that might have passed people by. This month’s Songs You May Have Missed roundup is short and sweet but full of tracks I genuinely really like — so let’s get to it!


SOLE Feat. pH-1 – “LOVIN’ U”

A cute song from a girl with a solid voice and a good verse by pH-1, who I have to admit hasn’t ever made a track I haven’t enjoyed. It also features a cute, teen-girl-diary/mid-noughties Internet aesthetic MV.

Homeboy – “Exchange Diary”

A dreamy song that wouldn’t feel out of place during a declutter video (which is in no way an insult), this song is soothing and sweet and has that eternally-trendy slightly fuzzy lo-fi effect.

Baek Yerin – “Suddenly”

The unsung hero of JYP Entertainment, Baek Yerin herself blesses us all with another softly-sung, retro jazz vibe track.

Giriboy Feat. Youra – “Towkio”

The king of playful beats released a whole album a couple of weeks ago, and this one is a bit more upbeat than his usual style — which is a refreshing change for Giriboy.

Samuel Seo – “D O W E”

This is the perfect summer track, don’t @ me. It’s got a good groove and the vocals are sweet and smooth.

BIBI – “Give More Care Less”

May the influx of smoky-voiced solo queens never end. This song is melancholy and introspective and extremely lovely.

Mokyo – “Hold”

This whole album is super melancholy, but this track is the least emo of all of them. It’s very dreamy and ethereal and is perfect for a late summer night.


That’s all for this month’s Songs You May Have Missed. Happy streaming!

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