SBS will investigate ‘Law Of The Jungle’ controversy involving Lee Yeol Eum, report disputes their story

Following Lee Yeol Eum being charged in Thailand for harvesting giant clams as a part of ‘Law Of The Jungle‘, SBS has made a statement apologizing again, announcing an investigation, and saying that they’ll take responsibility.

On July 8, a source from the show made a statement regarding the actress Lee Yul Eum, who was seen catching the clams during the episode. They stated, “We deeply apologize once more for this (recent) issue. After implementing a thorough internal investigation, SBS will be taking strong measures following the findings. We will also be taking on the posture of shouldering maximum responsibility so that Lee Yul Eum will not be negatively affected.”

Speaking of taking responsibility, remember how the production team claimed that they were not aware of the regulations and what not? Well a report disputes that with receipts.

A recent report stated that “Law of the Jungle” had sent an official document back in March to the Thailand Department of Tourism on information regarding the filming of the June 29 episode. Featuring a signature by SBS producer Cho Yong Jae, the document states, “We SBS Broadcasting center hereby agree and acknowledge the following: Throughout the filming, there will be no filming and presentation of hunting in Thailand.”

Uh … oops?

Didn’t see that coming, I guess.

Furthermore, netizens have started a Blue House petition asking that the show shoulder the blame over Lee Yeol Eum, and their rage is seemingly directed properly. There are also netizens speculating that the producers harvested the giant clams for Lee Yeol Eum and setup the scenario, saying it was unlikely she would’ve been able to randomly do it herself while free diving.


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