Madam Jung tells ‘Straight’ that YG was directly involved in prostitution mediation

Madam Jung initially had claimed that while women from an adult entertainment establishment had attended the dinner with YG and investors, YG didn’t arrange for prostitution to take place. However, on the latest episode of ‘Straight‘, she has now admitted that YG was directly involved in the mediation of prostitution for a trip abroad to Europe that was previously described.

In the interview, Madam Jung claimed that the mediation of prostitution in Europe in 2014 was a request from YG Entertainment. She said, “On the way to Europe, I received a phone call from Yang Hyun Suk’s side. It was the first time I had ever been called by CEO Kim of YGX. CEO Kim couldn’t do anything that Yang Hyun Suk didn’t tell him to do.” She continued, “Photos of 10 girls were sent to Yang Hyun Suk’s friend.” One week before leaving for Europe, the friend delivered 200 million won (approximately $170,000) in euros to her, money she heard had been provided by Jho Low. Moreover, the friend stayed on the trip as an interpreter. According to Madam Jung, Yang Hyun Suk personally gave directions on how the money should be distributed, telling her she was to give each of the girls 10 million won (approximately $8,500) and take the remaining half — 100 million won (approximately $85,000) — herself.

Of course, just as she could’ve been lying before, why believe her now, right? A fair question. She says she’s come forward basically because she’s being scapegoated by YG.

On why she agreed to the interview with “Straight,” Madam Jung said it was because YG’s side has changed their testimony. Madam Jung, who has been questioned six times by police thus far, said, “I just did as I was told by YG. I’m not someone who can get a lot of powerful figures to gather in one place. There was a cross-examination, and YG’s side claimed that they didn’t know why I had brought the girls.” Madam Jung also suggested the possibility of a connection between YGX and police, saying that after the preview for the episode went out, CEO Kim of YGX called her and said that it’s “unlikely that the police will continue investigations.” Speaking further about Yang Hyun Suk, Madam Jung said, “Yang Hyun Suk doesn’t often have dinners with businessmen. That’s why this is even more out of the ordinary. I don’t know what he wanted to gain from asking me to do this.” “Yang Hyun Suk knows exactly why I took the money. Because he ordered it. I went [to Europe] because he told me to. That’s the truth.”

Honestly, even without her saying this, it was honestly comical to believe that everything that happened with the prostitutes and investors was a gigantic coincidence.

But it definitely changes things legally and puts pressure on the authorities to do something, though as she notes, it’s not like they’ve seemed all that motivated to get anything real done anyway.


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