[Review] Sori & Folded Dragons gives us drama & triumph on “I Am Not Alone”

Sori has finally done something relevant to me through her latest collaboration with Folded Dragons, as “I Am Not Alone” definitely represents an evolution for her artistry.

“I Am Not Alone” starts off quite unassuming in the verses, but quickly turns on the drama in the pre-chorus, and that carries on stronger within the chorus, especially when factoring in the lyrics.

Let them try and destroy me,
But you can’t come for me, no,
Destroy me,
But they can’t touch me, no, no.

While Sori’s voice is certainly not unpleasant, considering the strength is mainly in the instrumental and production, this song could have been sung by just about anyone and still have the same effect. Sori is basically unable to express vocally the theme of “I Am Not Alone”, which limits the appeal of the song by itself. However, not anyone can pull off and deliver on the modern lyrical choreography like Sori did in the performance, and I felt it really enhanced the song, providing the viewer with the impactful visual that the listener may not get to experience.

It’s a dramatic and beautiful piece of art, and while Sori’s vocal delivery may not have packed the emotional punch I craved, the performance definitely scratches the itch and wraps the entire package up nicely. Hopefully there’s more like this to come from Sori going forward, as it certainly helps her stand out from the crowd.

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