Embattled Kangin announces withdrawal from Super Junior

Kangin has revealed on Instagram that he has withdrawn from Super Junior.

Hello. This is Kangin. I am greeting you for the first time in a long time.
My heart feels heavy as it is not positive news, but I am posting after much consideration. I am now letting go of the name “Super Junior” that has been with me for a long time. I always felt just apologetic to the members. I always thought that it would be right for me to make the decision earlier rather than later, but the thought of the people who support me unconditionally and our agency family troubled my heart, so I could not gather the courage easily. I thought that I could not make any decision alone. However, while watching the members who experience what they shouldn’t have to due to my problems, I made the judgment that I cannot delay this further. More than anything, I feel most apologetic to the E.L.F. who have always given overwhelming love for 14 years. I am very late, but I will let go of the name Super Junior, and I will have sorry feelings and gratitude engraved in my heart as I continue on my own road. I want to really express gratitude to the members and agency family who were considerate towards me until the end.
I will also be cheering on the success of Super Junior. Thank you.

Meanwhile, Label SJ has accepted his decision.

Kangin has decided to withdraw from Super Junior on his own decision, and we will respect his intentions. He still has time left on his exclusive contract with us though.

Kangin has been a mess in recent years. Back in 2016, he got into his second DUI accident of the hit-and-run variety but got off with a fine. Then in 2017 he was questioned by police over a report that he assaulted a woman who may have been his girlfriend, but nothing came of it because he was drunk, the two reached a settlement at the scene, and she declined to press charges. This year, Kangin admitted to being in a chat with the ‘Hitmaker‘ cast that included Jung Joon Young sharing pics taken of the body of a flight attendant, though it doesn’t appear they were in the worse molka chat.


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