Shinhwa’s Minwoo will have sexual harassment case continue after police find evidence on CCTV

Shinhwa‘s Minwoo was previously accused of the sexual harassment of two women, however his side deemed the matter settled when the women withdrew charges and they seemed to reach an agreement on the ‘misunderstanding’. Police continued investigating the matter though, and they decided to proceed with the case after finding CCTV evidence of the sexual harassment.

On July 17, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station forwarded Shinhwa’s Minwoo to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office with a recommendation for indictment without detention. He was charged with committing an indecent act by compulsion. Minwoo was booked on July 2 for suspicions of sexually harassing two women at a gathering on the morning of June 29. On July 3, his agency Liveworks Company released an official statement saying that it had been a misunderstanding and that the victims would be withdrawing their complaints. It was later confirmed that the complaints were withdrawn. However, the police explained that they would continue investigating the case because an indecent act by compulsion is indictable without a complaint. They recently found CCTV footage that confirm the suspicions of indecent act by compulsion.

Minwoo’s side simply stated they have not been contacted about the case being forwarded yet.

A representative of Minwoo told outlet DongA, “We have not yet been contacted by the prosecution.” They added, “He will sincerely take part in the investigation when contacted by the prosecution.”

I mean …. yeah. Settlement or not, things probably aren’t going to end well if there’s video evidence.

Not that simple logic would’ve ever dictated otherwise regardless, but this could end up as a clear example of how alleged victims dropping charges and/or reaching a settlement doesn’t exonerate the accused.


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