YG & others booked by police on prostitution-related charges

YG‘s alleged connection to providing prostitution services to investors has been at the forefront of Korean entertainment news for a while now, and most recently Madam Jung testified that he was involved.

Now police have booked YG and five others on prostitution-related charges, with an investigation to follow.

On July 17, it was reported that the regional investigation unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated, “After analyzing the statements and data, we have booked him as a suspect and we are beginning an internal investigation.”

MBN reports that the police have now booked Yang Hyun Suk and two people who worked at an adult entertainment establishment on suspicions of mediating prostitution. One of the foreign investors as well as two women from the establishment have also been booked on suspicions of prostitution. It’s reported that after the police looked at the expense reports of Yang Hyun Suk and a YG staff member from the event in September of 2014, they found evidence of what appeared to be sexual services. In addition, some of the women who went on the trip to Europe together with the investors have given testimony that in effect acknowledges the suspicions.

I realize I’m cynical as hell, but this doesn’t mean a whole lot to me. I mean yeah, they basically have to investigate him considering people directly involved have pointed the finger at him, and anything less would be seen as blatant corruption by the police. However, whether anything comes of this is a whole different story, and like with the other stuff, due how connected it seems like YG is, I have my doubts that anything will be done in the end.


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