Kyungri escapes from Star Empire after 7 long years

After seven long years, Kyungri will be leaving Star Empire Entertainment after her contract expired, the company announced in a statement.

We are informing you that our exclusive contract with our artist Kyungri has ended as of July 31, 2019. We recently spent a long time engaged in serious conversation ahead of the expiration of our exclusive contract, and after careful discussion, we have decided not to move forward with contract renewal. After joining 9MUSES as a member in 2012, Kyungri has been peerless in working hard and doing her utmost in her activities. She had a precious and meaningful relationship with our agency, in which we went through both good and bad times together. We sincerely thank Kyungri for spending the past seven years together with us, from 2012 up until now.

Much like Nine Muses seemed like a whole lot of potential wasted, so was Kyungri as a soloist. I think she has the potential to do well with a bit of luck, so hopefully she finds the right company.


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