Police investigating whether Yoochun had ties to police officer during 2016 sexual assault case

It has been a rough year so far for the Korean police, at least on the entertainment side of things, and a report by No Cut News may deal yet another blow. Their report says the police are investigating whether Yoochun formed ties with a police officer during his 2016 sexual assault investigation.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Audit and Public Complaints Office is aware of and checking the truth behind a rumor regarding past ties between Park Yoochun and the police. According to the police, the rumor states that in 2016, Park Yoochun was introduced to a police officer through his manager, and he invited the officer to his home for dinner and drinks. At the time, Park Yoochun was being investigated on suspicions of sexual assault by an investigative team at the Seoul Gangnam Police Station. In July 2016, after a month of investigation, he was acquitted of sexual assault charges and forwarded to the prosecution only on charges of solicitation of prostitution and fraud. It was not specified whether or not the police officer mentioned in the rumor was part of the investigative team that was in charge of Park Yoochun’s sexual assault case. A source from the police stated, “We plan to gradually consider whether or not this is a rumor.” Based on the police code of conduct, officers are not allowed to meet personally with individuals that are related to the case they are in charge of. They should only meet inside the police station the officer belongs to, and if they must meet outside, it must be recorded on an official document.

Well this just adds to his clusterfuck of problems, including a drug conviction and having to pay damages to his alleged sexual assault victim. Of course, if he’s gonna get away with anything, it would definitely be this since it’s … I mean it’s police investigating police.


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