Monsta X perform “Who Do U Love” on Jimmy Kimmel Live, French Montana forgets lyrics like a clown

Monsta X‘s collab with French Montana was always pointless in the sense that “Who Do U Love” is actually a nice song that he seems to weigh down with his generic rap verses that Monsta X themselves could’ve easily handled.

But sure, it’s a collab for American audiences, right? Right. Problem is, even on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the dude couldn’t be bothered to remember the lyrics. Honestly, even aside from that, he was just terrible in general.

My dude sounded like I do when I rap along to my favorite songs except I can actually remember the lyrics.

They also performed “Play It Cool“, “Dramarama“, “Shoot Out“, and “Alligator“, thankfully without French Montana.

I’ve seen some people saying fans shouldn’t go after him on social media, but I’m fine with it. This isn’t like some made up affront, dude clearly doesn’t give a shit and somebody needs to tell him he needs to be a pro.


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