SME knows you’re mad about Super M, but aim to unite fandoms (might’ve already did that in a way)

So that whole Super M super boy group that SM Entertainment recently unveiled? Yeah, they’ve heard the backlash from fans. SME exec Chris Lee told Billboard that they’re going to make everybody happy.

Folks, they’ve heard the backlash, but they also do not give a single fuck and are gonna chase that paper anyway. Fun!

Honestly, I don’t have a problem with the idea of the unit, but the clear pandering to the American market hoping to make this a thing and ‘Avengers‘-inspired marketing surrounding it is just … cringe.

The interview is interesting in terms of the direction of this, though I can’t say I necessarily came away with it more optimistic about it being a success than before. The funniest thing is what precedes that quote about making fans happy, which is that an aim is to unite the fandoms. I think they are in a way, though against SME in shared anger.


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