[Review] Pink Fantasy makes their mark with the standout “FANTASY”

People have been recommending Pink Fantasy‘s comeback to me since it was released, so now that I’ve had time to listen to it, I can provide my extremely timely thoughts on “FANTASY“.

Oh shit, it’s even more nugu Dreamcatcher!” has to be one of the first thoughts that pops into your head if you read this site, and while I’m not sure they’re that similar sonically aside from being rock, I do get the comparison especially with the horror-themed concept.

Since the core of the sound is rock, the tendency in pop circles seems to be thinking it’s all the same for whatever reason. But Pink Fantasy are lighter in sound to most Dreamcatcher titles, and while that’s not necessarily a plus for me, it does help them carve out their own space and that’s definitely appreciated. In fact, their symphonic lean reminded me of INFINITE‘s rock tracks more than anything.

“FANTASY” has verses that are deliciously dramatic, slowly building up and including impactful interjections of percussion. It all culminates in a mile-a-minute chorus that rides nonstop energy but is also fleshed out well, including both a guitar outro and the “hush hush“/”rush rush“/”crush crush“/”touch touch“/”catch catch” repetition that’s central to adding a sense of hookiness to it all.

The harder rock of the instrumental bridge contrasts starkly with the vocal stylings of the bridge that follows, climaxing with an all-out ending that cements the impact of the song on the listener. “FANTASY” effectively showcases that Pink Fantasy as a group is underrated in terms of talent and certainly have what it takes to elevate above their current standing if they keep up with continuous releases and have a plan (not unlike Dreamcatcher). This was a standout effort and it certainly puts them on my map going forward.


TheBiasList enjoyed it as well.


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