CLC’s Seungyeon assures concerned fans that she’s fine after Soribada backstage video went viral

A clip went viral earlier today after it a backstage camera at the Soribada Awards purportedly showed CLC member Seungyeon being assaulted by a man.


The reason I didn’t do an article on it is because it sure seemed like it was anything but conclusive, especially the way the guy reacted. That’s not the way somebody’s body looks after shoving somebody violently and it certainly appeared like it could’ve just been friends playing around.

Thankfully Seungyeon took to Instagram to clarify things, saying that it was indeed just joking around with a friend.

Hey guys! I know that there has been a drama about the clip at Soribada festival yesterday. I would like to make it clear that nothing bad happened yesterday at all!! I was just joking around with one of my friend in front of our green room. I think it was because of the ANGLE that made everyone think that something bad happened to me yesterday. Thank you so much for worrying about me guys but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BAD HAPPENED so there’s nothing to worry about.

That’s a relief.

Anyway, I don’t see a problem with fans being concerned and wanting answers, though it is another reminder to not jump to conclusions about a situation at least until it’s relatively clear what transpired.


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