Seungri reportedly admits to some illegal gambling charges, denies illegal foreign transactions

Seungri being involved in the illegal gambling issue alongside YG seems to have been lost in the shuffle a bit, but he was also investigated for habitual gambling. After being called in as a part of police investigations, it’s reported by KBS that he admitted to some of gambling charges, however he did deny illegal foreign transaction methods.

While he was quiet during his brief meeting with reporters outside the police station, it is being reported that he did in fact admit to most of the gambling charges that were handed to him earlier by police. However, he has denied the charge levied against him for using “Hwanchigi”, or unregistered foreign transactions that are used to circumvent detection by banks. Seungri currently carries 9 charges against him, including prostitution, mediating prostitution, embezzlement, and destruction of evidence, dating back to June in relation to his ties with the Burning Sun scandal.

It’s definitely hard to care too much about gambling, but then again, it’s also hard to care about Seungri actually having to face consequences for something. So eh.


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