YG & Seungri booked by police on suspicion of habitual gambling, another charge being considered

After it was reported that YG and Seungri had both been involved in not just overseas gambling but habitual gambling, police have now booked them both on those suspicions in order to investigate.

At a press conference on August 14, a representative of the police revealed that Yang Hyun Suk and Seungri have been booked on suspicions of habitual gambling and added, “We will investigate in accordance with the [legal] procedure.” Regarding suspicions of Yang Hyun Suk and Seungri raising their gambling funds through “hwanchigi,” a term that refers to illegal practices surrounding foreign exchange transactions, the police commented, “We are reviewing the possibility of booking them on the additional charge of violating the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act.” The police continued, “We cannot reveal the specifics of the criminal acts including the frequency and amount of money as there is potential for the destruction of evidence.”

However, police didn’t sound like anything was doing on the prostitution mediation front, I assume to the surprise of nobody.

On suspicions of Yang Hyun Suk mediating prostitution services, the police responded, “There are conflicting testimonies regarding the suspicions of prostitution mediation, so we are continuing to investigate.”

Christ, after all this, they’re really going to get them on fucking gambling, huh? Honestly, the money-related stuff is the only thing I have any hope of them getting punished for.


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