Makestar will try to produce rewards for SONAMOO’s 2017 (!!!) project themselves after TSE continues to delay things

Back in November of 2017, SONAMOO opened up a Makestar project for their upcoming album. In June of 2018, after a lack of progress, fans requested feedback after seven months.

In July of 2018, TS Entertainment posted an apology for the delays and said they were working on it. Then in August it seemed like things may have been getting moving after the meet-and-greet rewards were fulfilled.

But radio silence hit once again, and finally in February of 2019, it was updated that SONAMOO would be coming back in March.

Then in March they provided handwritten letters from the members and said the album would be in April. Well, as you can probably tell by the fact that I’m writing this article to begin with and that you hadn’t heard of a SONAMOO comeback (and likely forgot they existed), nothing has been delivered as of yet.

Apparently Makestar has had enough, because after it seemed like they’d be able to ship rewards by August, TSE informed them of yet another delay. Since the inability to deliver awards reflects poorly on Makestar as well, they revealed that they requested contents from TSE to fund and make the rewards themselves to deliver to customers.

Unfortunately, the stipulation of Makestar even trying to accomplish this is that they need help from TSE to do it, which obviously is the problem to begin with. But for Makestar to air TSE out like this, I figure it basically means they’ve reached the point where they’re never going to work with them again, which is just as well since TSE can’t do anything right with any of their groups.

Just a terrible situation.


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Thot Leaderβ„’