Oh My Girl’s Jiho struggles to stand during performance & has to be helped off stage, fans understandably concerned

Disturbing video emerged recently of Oh My Girl‘s Jiho struggling to even stand upright as the group performs on stage. Eventually, somebody mercifully cuts the music and she was helped off by members and staff.


Fans are understandably concerned, and as a result there was a trending tag on Twitter, with fans wanting them to cancel their upcoming concert so the girls can get rest.

Hoping it is just fatigue and she does get the time needed to recover.


WM Entertainment released a statement.

At the congratulatory stage for the Gangwon International Motor Festa that was held on August 31 in Inje, Gangwon Province, we decided that Oh My Girl’s Jiho would sit out the event after she felt dizzy and showed signs of a cold at the rehearsal. After being examined and treated by a medical team at the event, she immediately returned to Seoul and is currently resting with her family. We apologize to everyone in the audience at the Gangwon International Motor Festa who had been waiting for Oh My Girl’s performance as well as fans who are worrying [about Jiho]. Moving forward, we will do our best for our artist’s recovery and health. We apologize and ask for your understanding about not having been able to make a speedy announcement despite many people’s concerns due to numerous circumstances. We will announce the progress of Jiho’s recovery as soon as we can.


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