Dreamcatcher visit mural & send video message to fans after Melbourne concert cancelled due to venue fire

Dreamcatcher have had a rough slate of news recently. Handong announced her withdrawal from the European leg of their tour (perhaps to join ‘Idol Producer in China) and then the next day it was revealed their Melbourne concert in Australia had to be cancelled due to the nightclub they were scheduled for catching fire.

A packed Melbourne nightclub has been evacuated after a fire broke out inside. Hundreds of people were at 170 Russell, formerly known as Billboards, for the sold out live music event Bingo Loco. Fire took hold near the stage around 10pm with the event’s host, former Triple J presenter Alex Dyson, ordering people to leave the venue. It took 25 firefighters around half an hour to bring the blaze under control. Everyone was able to escape without injury, with some suffering the effects of the smoke.

Obviously this sucks for fans, especially those who spent their own money to fly out and what not, but fortunately it’s just frustrating and not anything worse.

They tried to organize something at the last minute but couldn’t do it.

They apparently felt bad about that as they showed up at a graffiti mural for Dreamcatcher in the area to say hi to fans despite it raining.

It even led to Korean articles being written about it and then Dreamcatcher themselves released a video to the fans.

Hopefully they’ll be back sooner than later.


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