Actress Hashimoto Kanna (20) surprises on variety show by revealing drinking problem

Actress Hashimoto Kanna only became of legal drinking age in Japan about six months ago, but according to a recent reveal, she’s struggling quite a bit with alcohol.

In her appearance on the TBS variety show 『櫻井・有吉THE夜会』(Sakurai Ariyoshi The Dangerous Night) on August 29th, Hashimoto revealed she had been drinking every day since her birthday. At first, audiences may have imagined “a drink a day” but her manager revealed that her drinking was more serious than that. Describing an episode on location in Germany, her manager said: “She went in (the bar) in the daytime and kept downing German beers until closing time” Any hope that this was an isolated episode disappeared when Hashimoto casually described her own drinking habits, saying: “For me, a ‘liver-rest day’ is when I have about two drinks. Basically, I feel like drinking after I finish work.”

As a part of the show, she went to get a check-up, and the results were … worrying.

As it turns out, she had worryingly high levels of bad cholesterol. The doctor dispensed a harsh admonition to the young actress, saying that her lack of sleep, unhealthy eating habits and heavy drinking were to blame. He then added: “If you continue like this, you’ll run the risk of arteriosclerosis and suffering a stroke or a coronary infarction. Basically, you need to worry about the same things middle-aged men do in our society” After viewing the footage, Hashimoto admitted to the hosts on the set: “I really need to change my unhealthy eating habits…”

At least people seemed generally supportive, likely because many can relate as this likely not all that uncommon for salarymen as mentioned by the panelists.

“Kanna-chan, you’re really busy so please rest properly when you’re tired.”
“You must have stress at work and alcohol helps to relieve that so it must be hard to give it up.”
“I can’t believe you have the same health concerns as middle-aged men…”

I enjoy how they all pretended like this really did just start all of a sudden when she became a legal drinking age and that she hasn’t been doing this to cope with the stress and what not for a while now. I mean it’s clearly a problem if her health is deteriorating to this point and she’s spent all day getting wasted.


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