‘Produce 101 Japan’ ending fairy fancam sequences, ranked

‘Produce 101 Japan’ has introduced all the contestants and recently debuted their theme song and music video. As such, they also all got individual fancams and what not.

Obviously the focus was on the famous “Ending Fairy” pose popularized by DIA’s Chaeyeon, but truly made legendary by Murakawa Bibian.

Korean netizens and K-pop stans seem to be taking all of these endings for ‘PED101JPN’ EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY ONLINE, but for me, the more bizarre the better.

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 (yes, only 10 to not crash browsers) ‘Produce 101 Japan’ individual fancam endings, ranked.


Honorable Mention – Aljama Eujin

Nothing particularly funny about this, but I liked it because he seemed to be genuinely enjoying himself and entertaining people. A part of the job of idols it seems K-pop stans seem to have forgotten is the point of all this to begin with.

10 – Mitsui Ryo

Speaking of the devil, bitch is this Bibian in disguise? Start the investigation.

9 – Osawa Shunya

Got a bit of hype and there’s definitely a funny bit at the end, but far too normal and good looking overall to rank higher.

8 – Kumazawa Fumiya

This is more like it. Look, if your expression is so pained that I can’t tell whether you’re trying to be cute or about to have an aneurysm trying to pass a massive dookie through your turd cutter, you gotta be on this list.

7 – Kim Heecheon

This is actually just great timing. A whole-ass sequence of giving the smoldering look like a normal contestant would and then ruining it gloriously with the exaggerated wink and the very end. Commendable.

6 – Togo Yoshiki

I like this one because it’s relatable. The heaving breaths like he needs an oxygen tank, perhaps on the verge of collapsing, with a look that has a tinge of reconsidering his life choices.

5 – Nishi Ryotaro

I can’t tell whether this guy is trying to be cute or is ready to blow chunks cause he tried raw quail egg and natto sushi right before this stage after being pressured into it by his friends. I can relate, so this has to be one of the best.

4 – Uehara Jun

I don’t actually think this guy was trying to take the piss, but it it unintentionally hilarious cause he looks undecided between terrified and sociopath. It’s also relatable because of the tinge of existential dread.

3 – Aoki Masanami

This one was really put on, but what makes it for me is his eye focus shifting back and forth for like 80% of the time like he’s internally psyching himself up to doing this dumb shit.

“Okay, time to embarrass yourself on national television … right? Oh god wait, this is gonna last forever … but I gotta do it for clout. Will I be able to get a regular job if I do? Aw fuck it, let’s go!”

2 – Katagame Yushi

An awkward-looking dude going through all the cutest ending fairy poses as uncomfortably as possible and sorta ending up looking like an alien trying to emulate human emotions? Amazing work.

1 – Gutierez Takeru

The final boss. Look at this motherfucker. He runs the gamut of ending fairy poses like the runner up does, but my man here just runs through every single goddamn one in the most extra way possible.


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