Untouchable’s Sleepy terminated contract with TS Entertainment following legal dispute, TSE now suing him in separate matter

Rapper Sleepy, who might be better known as part of the duo Untouchable, has terminated his contract with TS Entertainment after 13 years with them following a legal dispute with the company.

According to legal circles, Sleepy submitted a request to confirm the invalidity of his exclusive contract with TS Entertainment in April, and then filed a request to suspend his exclusive contract with the agency in May. He claimed, “The agency did not provide me with documents regarding payments, and has never shown me a physical copy of our contract. My faith in them has broken down due to factors such as management issues.” TS Entertainment refuted the claims and stated that they had provided the documents and paid Sleepy on the agreed upon dates, that Sleepy had seen the documents and had not made any objections at the time, and the agency has now stabilized and is being managed without any issues. The Seoul Western District Court heard from both sides and in June, they rejected Sleepy’s request to suspend his contract. On August 29, a hearing was opened on the case and under the guidance of the court, both sides agreed to part ways and Sleepy left TS Entertainment.

So not dissimilar to what’s been happened with BAP, Hyosung, and Song Ji Eun.

Following Sleepy leaving he created a new label.

On September 15, it was reported that Sleepy founded PVO Entertainment early this month and appointed himself as the CEO. PVO is the same name as the crew Sleepy formed with rappers Liquor and JD in January, and stands for “Positive Vibes Only.”

I guess I don’t blame him for wanting only positive vibes only after having dealt with TSE.

TSE confirmed the departure but also said they would be suing Sleepy.

A source from TS Entertainment confirmed that they had indeed parted ways with Sleepy and stated, “Through the legal process, we terminated our contract with Sleepy.” They also explained, “However, there are suspicions that Sleepy embezzled money from the agency such as through advertisement rates. We are planning to file a damage claim suit against him sometime between late September and early October.”

Of course, what would TSE be without legal disputes with their artists and desperately suing them all for money cause that’s all they have left.


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