‘V-1’ girl group vocalist survival continues with the (likely) favorites performing

Following yesterday’s relatively interesting debut of ‘V-1’ that served as an appetizer, today’s episode was supposed to be the main course and it did seem to deliver on what was promised.

The format was the same as it was just a continuation of what started yesterday, but today essentially seemed like the favorites all went.


Gugudan’s Nayoung – Wonder Girls’ “Me In”

Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon – Ailee’s “Tears Stole The Heart”

Haeyoon defeated Nayoung 50 to 47, eking out a win.

Nayoung’s performance was definitely entertaining with some nice vocal runs, but Haeyoon’s showcased the vocals best so it didn’t surprise me that she took home the win. I would’ve probably picked similar personally just because I think Haeyoon was relatively unappreciated compared to what she deserved on ‘Produce 48’.

Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon – Kim Bum Soo’s “Last Love”

DIA’s Jueun – Naul’s “One Way Back”

As with the previous matchup, it was a close one going to 51-48, thankfully with Siyeon coming out on top over Jueun.

Honestly, I was surprised that this matchup ended up so close. When it was spoiled earlier and I saw who Siyeon was facing, I kinda figured it would’ve been an easy win, but Jueun definitely impressed. People mainly hyped her visual, but she definitely has more to offer.

Dunno about Siyeon’s song choice, honestly. I thought she was great, showcasing more of the kind of vocals I enjoy that can hit the lower register and tender moments just as impactfully as belting high notes, but Korea seems to value the latter far more and since she can do it she might as well. Also, I think a large part of her talent lies in her unique vocal as it matches with rock, so that would seem to be a wiser direction to showcase, but I get that she probably wants to do ballads to hopefully get that OST money at some point.

GWSN’s Seoryoung – Baek Ji Young’s “Don’t Forget”

WJSN’s Yeonjung – Lee Sun Hee’s “Wind Flower”

Yeonjung blew her ass out by a 65-33 score and it seemed like even Seoryoung knew was coming.

Honestly felt bad for Seoryoung because she did well enough but she was a sacrificial lamb the moment she got Yeonjung. Everybody knew it and Yeonjung showed why by just effortlessly putting together not only an impressive performance but in the style Koreans love as well.


Yeah, it wasn’t close for me. Yeonjung is the clear favorite as it always was due to her talent, style, and popularity all coming together in some kind of V-1 Voltron lording over everybody else.


Next they divide up into two teams but I’m not sure exactly how they determine the winner. Should be fun. Not sure if this will get picked up into a regular show like some pilots do, but at least this has been cool to see so far.

Also, I got bored watching the stream last night and decided to make jokes.


Which is normal for me when I have to wait for stuff to happen on these shows, but I think people thought I was live translating it or something.




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