[Review] ANS’s “BOOM BOOM” more mindless repetition than song

When 2019 is over, I have a feeling that the year will have set a record for debut groups. Though my opinion on 2019’s K-pop slate has soured over the past few months, there’s no denying that it’s been incredibly strong for rookies. This glut of new talent sets the bar high and makes it even harder for acts like ANS to stand out. The girls are already set-up for a difficult road, coming from an unknown agency with little-to-no pre-debut hype. Given this, you’d think their producers might give them a sound that would help draw attention. Instead, “BOOM BOOM” is as generic as it gets.

The music video for “BOOM BOOM” opens in dramatic fashion, promising a dynamic, rock-infused style that would be very welcome in 2019’s staid girl group landscape. Imagine my disappointment, then, when a bargain basement tropical beat comes in, forming the unimaginative backbone to the equally unimaginative melody of “BOOM BOOM”. This is less song than mindless repetition, anchored by a lackluster hook that doesn’t make the slightest effort to forge a viewpoint of its own. News to K-pop agencies: we’re over the tropical craze. And if we’re not, we’ve got a billion other places to indulge our appetite.

It’s hard to tell if ANS themselves have potential, since “BOOM BOOM” doesn’t let them display any unique skills. Their vocals are fine, and aside from some truly cringe-inducing English lyrics, the rap is fine too. There’s just no reason for “BOOM BOOM” to exist. I can’t find even one element that would nudge me to choose this song over its numerous competitors.


IATFB says: “Generic” is kind, really.

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