B.I. reportedly admits to some charges in 2016 drug case, booked by police as suspect

Former iKON member B.I. has been booked by police as a suspect following investigations regarding a 2016 drug case, and he reportedly admitted to some of the charges.

On September 17 at 9 a.m. KST, B.I went in for questioning at the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency under the status of someone with information about a case. Following inquires about matters such as B.I allegedly purchasing marijuana from an acquaintance in 2016 and using it, he admitted to some of the suspicions. Therefore, his status has been changed to that of a suspect. After over 14 hours of questioning, B.I exited the police station at around 11:30 p.m. and stated to the press, “I’m sorry for evoking criticism.” The police have booked him on suspicions of violating the Act on the Control of Narcotics, Etc. and they plan to send his case to the prosecution soon.

Quite frankly I don’t care about whether he used weed or whatever, which isn’t a new position from me. It’s illegal, so he has to deal with the consequences, but morally it’s whatever.

Of course, what is relevant and what most people do care about is preferential treatment, specifically why the case wasn’t properly investigated to begin with and whether there was a cover-up involved. Cynically? They’ll bust B.I on the drugs and will hope people will forget about the bigger stuff.


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