Hong Jin Young reportedly withdraws contract termination request, comes to agreement with company

In late August, trot singer and variety star Hong Jin Young filed for contract termination against Music K Entertainment, and the two sides had an ugly back-and-forth. Since then, I guess cooler heads prevailed as Hong Jin Young has withdrawn her request as the two sides decided to kiss and make up rather than go through a lengthly and probably ugly court battle.

On September 19, a report stated that Hong Jin Young and Music K Entertainment had come to an amicable agreement, rather than continuing their legal battle. A source from Music K Entertainment later confirmed this by stating, “Hong Jin Young submitted to the court a notice of withdrawal of her application for an injunction to terminate the effect of her exclusive contract.” They added that the results from the court have not yet been released.

Given that her schedule has been well known to be borderline insane and that her complaints involved the company scheduling events without care for her health, signing contracts without her approval, and not paying her, I sure hope that she got what she wanted out of this. Since she’s an industry vet, established, and has been with the company forever now, I have more hope that this is the case than I would for an idol at least.


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