Hash Swan asks his fans & BTS fans to stop fighting, Owen Ovadoz gets involved, tattoo shop manager fired

Following the dating rumors between BTS‘s Jungkook and a tattooist that emerged (and was denied) after a photo leaked, rapper Hash Swan somehow got caught up in the mess after fans accused him of being in the photo and then got mad at him for denying it.

Fans on both sides apparently continued to fight, and Hash Swan took the high road and went on Instagram Live to just sue for peace.

On September 18, Hash Swan took to Instagram Live to call for peace between his fans and BTS’s fans. He remarked, “While I did get my feelings hurt during this past incident, I don’t think that this is something fans should be fighting over. I’m fine now. I feel guilty seeing [our] fans fighting amongst themselves. We’ve figured out the situation [regarding the photo], and it’s all over now. Let’s not fight.” The rapper also stated that he didn’t consider those who had attacked him “true BTS fans.” He explained, “Even though both sides’ fans are fighting, the people who attacked me by sending me DMs and messages weren’t true BTS fans anyway. This is a problem created by a minority of people who aren’t even real BTS fans.” Asking his followers to consider Jungkook’s feelings, Hash Swan continued, “It’s true that I got hit by a stone out of nowhere when I wasn’t doing anything [a Korean expression describing someone who gets attacked for no reason]. But I’ve also received many apologies for it. I think that BTS’s Jungkook must be just as upset as I am and going through a difficult time as well. But due to the requirements of his job, even if he had something he wanted to say right now, he wouldn’t be able to say it.” “Idols and rappers are different,” he went on. “It doesn’t matter if I say whatever I want to say and my image is tarnished, but [Jungkook] isn’t free to express himself [like that].” Hash Swan concluded, “Let’s stop everything. I don’t know if you’re doing this to protect [the artists you support] or because you hate the other artist’s fans, but let’s stop now.”

Better person than me, honestly. I mean probably part of it comes out of fear, but I mean the guy was just sitting there eating his food and fans threw accusations at him to deflect off their fave, yelled at him for denying it, and then talked shit about him after it was confirmed not to be him. Sheesh.

Anyway, probably not helping things was rapper Owen Ovadoz getting involved as he took to Instagram Stories to post about how BTS stans were posting false rumors about Hash Swan.

“Everyone read misleading information about rappers in this country and go on a witch hunt, but when their actions that hurt the rappers turn out to be wrong, they don’t even apologize. As one of the players, I wanted to share the unpleasantness I felt about the stories spreading through communities, stories that are not true but just extreme opinions. I didn’t write the messages but after reading those that were sent to me, I once again felt that everyone is lenient on their own misjudgments and have no interest in the truth. If you want to uncover my mistakes, go ahead. I don’t have any intensions to hide, and I’m reflecting and improving on my mistakes. Even if you think otherwise, that’s fine. The only thing that would prove is your shamefulness.
It’s unfortunate that the fans of a global singer can be so partial and unconcerned with the actual truth. How long do we have to continue ignoring the false accusations and insults that this fandom causes, when their artist is promoting love and peace? When you felt offended by the post that was written on hiphopLE’s forum, did you think about the reasoning behind it? Or did you want to ignore your own flaws by pointing at mine? I will work towards become a righteous player as I look forward to the day you become a righteous consumer and righteous fandom.”
— Owen Ovadoz

After he got inundated with backlash, he took down the story and then apologized.

“I didn’t mean to sound as if I wanted to start a fandom war after reading and feeling disgusted by the posts and comments written by fans on a hip hop community site. I apologize for trying to make ARMYs feel offended just as we had. I acted carelessly. I acted immaturely by bringing up and quoting the community post. I empathized with the comment that read, ‘How is this different from the rich trying to steal poverty from the poor?’ and how a fellow rapper was hurt during the situation. I did not have negative feelings about the fact that they are a group that is recognized and respected in the K-Pop genre. The only things that I couldn’t stand was how differently Korean hip hop was treated and how a fellow rapper was being criticized. I felt angry once again after seeing a similar situation happen. I failed to fully convey my opinions, and I sincerely apologize to the ARMYs who were angered after finding out about the situation through my story posts. I had a long conversation with an ARMY, and they explained how I misunderstood psycho fans for ARMYs. Considering how mature this person reacted, I understood that they could never be a psycho fan who would write malicious posts and insults. I hope that we can create a culture where all genres can coexist together and that we can all respect other artists from different genres. I would like to apologize once again to the ARMYs who were angered! Whenever someone spreads false rumors and insults hip hop but only talk well about their favorite artists, I will try my best to have the right mindset to try and understand everyone fairly. I also understand that there is a possibility that my past mistakes may cause this to post to not fully explain and convey myself. Lastly, just as much as the players who have helped shine K-Hip hop praise BTS, I hope ARMYs can refrain from misjudging and insulting hip hop. If you can do that even if it’s coming from someone like me, I will make sure to never do anything to insult or bring up ARMY or BTS every again.”
— Owen Ovadoz

Ah right, no wonder why Hash Swan just wants to let it go. It’s true that Owen Ovadoz is a mess, but it’s hard to blame him for getting upset and essentially just sticking up for Hash Swan.

Meanwhile, as far as unintended consequences of this rumor blowing up and fans going nuts is the tattoo shop manager of the place where the picture that started all this was taken got fired by the owner.


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