KEMA reveals Kang Daniel & LME have ended their legal battle

Kang Daniel is finally free of a legal dispute involving LM Entertainment over his contract. Korea Entertainment Management Association announced the dispute was over, and while they made it sound like it was mutual due to an agreement, given that LME lost not once but twice to Kang Daniel on the issue, it was more a way for them to just save face, really.

“LM Entertainment has agreed to accept Kang Daniel’s new agency, which will be a win-win for the entertainment industry.”

With this mediation, we have agreed that legally, there will be no objections or action taken regarding contracts. This includes any civil or criminal litigation, applications for dispute, and complaints.

Daniel probably doesn’t want to bother with further legal mess and LME … well they probably saw the writing on the wall and CJ E&M figured they could benefit more from getting him on programs and what not in the future rather than haggling over this dumb stuff.


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