Police have booked 45 people while investigating violations of Daesung’s building

Big Bang’s Daesung has been caught up in a controversy after it was reported that a building he owned included illegal adult businesses. He apologized for the scandal but claimed no knowledge of things, which both a business owner in the building and a lawyer called out as bullshit.

Now police have updated on investigations, saying that have booked 45 people so far and have questioned 84.

On September 30, chief of the Seoul Police Agency Lee Yong Pyo said in a phone interview with the press corps, “[Regarding the investigation into Daesung’s building], we’re in the middle of investigating violations of food sanitation laws, prostitution, and suspicions of drugs in general. We have booked a total of 45 people so far and have questioned 84 people including witnesses.”

There’s already testimony out there publicly against Daesung’s alibi, but what the police does likely will rely on financial records and things of that nature. As such, just like with the other cases, I’d say the most trouble he’s likely to be in is for improper registration and the typical liability he’s responsible for as the building owner regardless of knowledge. Or at least that’s where I’d put expectations in terms of any legal repercussions, morally is a different matter depending on whether you believe him or not.


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