Red Velvet’s Joy latest to face backlash for ‘declaring feminism’

A few days ago, Joy faced hate comments for liking an Instagram post made by Kwak Jeong Eun from the book ‘A Good Day To Be Alone’, considered a feminist novel about the sacrifice women make following marriage.

In the post, the author pointed out the unfair domestic division of labor, the break in the woman’s career portfolio after marriage, as well as the perception that women should be the ones to take care of domestic duties.

Seems like a rather … normal thing to read, really. But of course, the discourse surrounding feminism (everywhere but especially) in Korea is toxic as hell, so people got mad at her.

The post had already accumulated over 2500 likes in just a month, but when it was revealed that Joy liked the post, netizens started criticizing the idol for “declaring feminism“. The said netizens have been leaving comments such as “I don’t know why kids like this do this when they make money off of sex appeal” and “It wasn’t long ago since she stripped down and shook her a**“.

Some netizens having a normal one.

Though you frequently see that type of logic, and it’s hard to know what exactly what they wear for performances and stuff has to do with feminism and being treated like an equal human.

Of course this is just the next female idol to be criticized for it, following others like Irene, Naeun, and Luna.


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