[Event] Day6 close out Gravity Tour with a 2-day concert extravaganza in LA

I feel like I’ve been covering a whole lot of rock n’ roll lately and I am so here for it! Last year, I absolutely fell in love with Day6 after seeing them rock hard live and got so excited when I was given the opportunity to return to The Novo for their follow up Gravity Tour!

Jae, Wonpil, Dowoon, Sungjin, and YoungK spent two days shaking the hell out of a three-story event facility as fans packed the place wall to wall and jumped up and down to nearly every single song on the massive 25 song set list! Even through a few sound blips (like that scene in Airplane when the guy unplugs the runway!) the band absolutely rocked the stage.

Of course they played tracks such as Time of Our Life, Sing Me, Best Part, Wish and So Cool.

They made me sob my eyes out with I Need Somebody which is probably the most gut wrenchingly beautiful song in their catalog and needs to be experienced live. We got Colors, headache, Warning and Shoot me as well.

But what really stood out as outstandingly fun gifts to the audience was the wild mashups they played early into the show. Songs they started as covers turned into the most amazing live mashups I’ve heard in a long time!

These were no joke. They started with a sexy little mashup of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You + Like That Sun, performed Bruno Mars’ Treasure + Days Gone By, and finally Daft Punk’s Get Lucky + BLOOD!

That’s right! They actually played Blood live! Thank you fans! Jae even mentioned how fans constant tweeting, demanding they performed it on tour gave them the idea to mash it up so they actually could.

We got the typical JYPE cheesy VCR followed by the finale which started with Congratulations and ended with another rousing round of Sing Me because Day6 really likes to go full circle in their musical endeavors.

The show was fantastic, the band was fantastic, the fans were excited and the crowd was packed with industry insiders, YouTubers and of course a sneaky Llama who shall not be named.

Thank you so much to SubKulture Entertainment, and JYPE for allowing AJ to participate in the show and we can’t wait to see Day6 again, hopefully in a bigger venue! They deserve that arena tour!


Credit: hyd856 & Annie Yen

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