Jessica’s debut novel that sounds more like an autobiography set for 2020 release, movie in the works

Jessica continues to branch out by signing a book deal with Simon Pulse, and she will be an author starting in the fall of 2020 with a book called Shine. Furthermore, they have already begun developing a movie.

According to an exclusive report from Entertainment Weekly, Jessica’s first ever novel “Shine” will be released in fall 2020. Jessica has signed a two-book deal with Simon Pulse for a Young Adult series about a Korean-American teenager that’s training to be a K-pop idol. The sequel to the series is planned to come out in 2021. In addition, Entertainment Weekly reports that the producing and book-development company Glasstown Entertainment has sold “Shine” in 11 foreign territories already and is developing the story for the screen. They’re working with Matt Kaplan of ACE Entertainment, which is the team behind the popular Netflix adaptation of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.” Jessica is said to have drawn from her own personal experiences while she wrote the novel, which she said will examine the behind-the-scenes aspects of the world of K-pop in-depth.

If this is an indirect way to do an autobiography without being sued or something, I am all in on this shit, I don’t care who it’s marketed to.

Honestly not sure if this is more to branch out her brand into every corner of culture or if this is more of a necessary move because things aren’t going to plan in the other aspects of things. Regardless, if it’s as advertised, it should be awful interesting to see what takeaways we get from it.


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