‘Idol School’ contestant Bin Haneul hopes unfairness is revealed, interacts with Lee Haein

Following suspicions of vote manipulation in ‘Idol School’, which was connected to similar suspicions among all of Mnet’s reality show properties, things deepened after reports surfaced of preferential treatment, then Lee Haein gave her full testimony, and now fellow contestant Bin Haneul expressed a similar sentiment on Instagram.

Lee Haein has liked her post on Instagram and Bin Hanuel has done the same.

Also yeah, people keep saying it’s about Fromis 9, but it has less to do with them and more to do with CJ E&M. It was as iftotal control over desperate teen idols was not enough so they needed to milk the desperate teen fans out of money while taking advantage of said idols too.

Again, the investigation is still ongoing (to whatever degree you trust that), but I see little reason to believe nothing has gone on here. CJ E&M’s history is enough to be skeptical in itself, add that it’s a reality show, and with multiple people speaking out and what the investigation finds seems like more of a referendum on their competency than the truth at this point.


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