[Video Interview] [Event] HYDE rocks downtown Los Angeles, catches up with Asian Junkie

Let’s be real, Asian Junkie and HYDE are just … well we’re just meant to be. Every time we catch a live show with HYDE it is a whole new experience as the man himself is determined to show as many sides of his talent and personality as possible.

And you know I’m here for it!

This time we were lucky enough to snag an interview with one of our favorite Japanese rock gods in the center of downtown Los Angeles. We met his manager, who then ushered us into his fancy fancy hotel on wheels. We made ourselves comfortable, me sitting on a black leather built in sofa with a camera between my legs, and HYDE crouched on the seat across from me, watching me with mischievous eyes behind giant bubble sunglasses. I handed him my tiny mic and he held it up. “Cute,” he declared and I felt like my heart would explode out of my chest and ruin the leather interior.

We asked the questions we had prepared from fans and fellow writers and even gave him time to send a message to our readers in which he found the site name to be fantastically amusing.

After the interview we headed over to the venue. I planted myself into the press pit and waited for HYDE. The show was a multi-band lineup with HYDE going on in the middle of the show. He stepped out on stage, very Joker-esque in neon purples and greens sporting a white partial mask with red swirls painted onto it. Sparkling glitter caught the light, giving him an ethereal yet nightmarish look as he looked around, first at his masked band and then at the audience, his eyes and teeth glowing brightly in the darkness. His red lips smeared as if the kiss was rough; aggressive.

The set was short but sweet. He greeted LA, and poured into “Who’s Gonna Save Us” to start the round of heart pounding raging metal. The audience raged to songs like “Fake Divine,” “Mad Qualia,” “After Light,” and “Sick.” But of course, HYDE gifted LA with a cover, one I had not expected and that roused the entire audience into singing along. Tears fell down the face of the girl next to me as HYDE and his band switched from glowing creatures, to sepia toned heartbroken metal heads. Rose in hand, mask gone, and a deep growl in his voice, HYDE sang “Ordinary World” by Duran Duran.

I stopped at that moment, surrounded by swaying fans and looked around to see that rare view. Audience members across the venue had pulled out their cell phones, unprompted, and shined their lights on him. I’ve gotten so used to seeing it be requested at concerts, but HYDE need not request. The rendition of the song was so soulful and stunning, fans did it naturally and it was a beautiful sight to see.

HYDE is currently on tour as support for Starset. The bands on the bill are all fantastic but trust me when I say the ticket is worth it just seeing HYDE as he flexes his solo muscles and absolutely dominates the stage.

Thank you to HYDE and VAMPROSE for allowing AJ to be a part of this event!

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