Dreamcatcher/WJSN/ATEEZ/ONEUS deliver with special stages for Music Bank’s 1000th episode

For the 1000th episode of Music Bank, there were a bunch of groups that did special stages of covering past hits. Feel free to watch them all, but in my totally unbiased opinion the standouts were Dreamcatcher, WJSN, ATEEZ, and ONEUS.


Dreamcatcher – Chakra’s “Hate”

WJSN – SNSD’s “Genie”

ATEEZ – SHINee’s “Sherlock”

ONEUS – g.o.d.’s “Friday Night”


Dreamcatcher took an outdated concept and song from original Ethnic Hip
™ group Chakra and ended up reworking it into something more tasteful and ultimately better. Meanwhile, ONEUS continued to impress with their cover of g.o.d., reinforcing the group’s versatility.

WJSN and ATEEZ arguably had the hardest tasks, recreating relatively recent songs that everybody is familiar with, but I thought both groups acquitted themselves nicely.


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Thot Leader™