IOI member’s agency accused of forcing employees to vote during ‘PD101’ with over 100k accounts

An agency that placed one member in the group IOI has been accused of illegally collecting over 100,000 accounts and forcing employees to vote for the company’s contestants on the first season of ‘Produce 101.’

According to sources who previously worked at “A,” an executive of the agency gathered office employees, managers, and trainees in March 2016 and handed out documents with over 100,000 usernames and passwords for online voting. The agency reportedly used borrowed-name accounts and installed computer programs to make IP tracking difficult. They were told to focus on voting for two of the trainees, with office employees voting during the day and managers and trainees voting during the night. Former trainee “B” said, “We were not allowed to go home until we completed our assigned number of votes. We voted everyday from 12 a.m. to 7 a.m.” The trainee added, “The executive who instructed the voting forced us by saying, ‘You will receive this benefit next season.’” Each person was assigned about 1,400 accounts per day to vote with. Former trainee “C” shared, “The executive just handed out tens of thousands at first, but maybe they thought it was not enough because they brought more IDs a few days later, adding up to over 100,000.” “C” said that when trainees spoke out against the situation, their cell phones were confiscated, and they were locked up in the office. One of the agency’s three trainees who participated in the first season of “Produce 101” was reportedly chosen for the final lineup.

There’s a lot been going on with the Mnet reality show empire mess, but this is one of those things that is simultaneously entirely believable and completely ridiculous. Like aside from manipulating the voting on the show, they also allegedly made their entire company slave laborers to do that … and that sounds about right.

But the best part? The company’s response to the accusations.

In response to the reports, “A” commented, “That did not happen.”

Basically a dril tweet.

To save you guys some math, netizens have already figured out that it’s either Starship Entertainment or MBK Entertainment based on the clues given, and you probably know which one I’d lean toward.



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