Victoria, Krystal, IU, others subject to malicious comments over lack of public grieving for Sulli cause nobody learns anything

Following Sulli recently passing away, many celebrities and fans posted touching, heartfelt, and raw thoughts on her death. They are all valid, but some did not post anything and kept things private, and that is an equally valid way of coping.

Yet because apparently nobody has learned anything, individuals like Krystal, Victoria, IU, and others (there are more I’ve seen that haven’t been reported on) were inundated with malicious comments due to their lack of public grieving. Of course, as it turns out, the reason those three in particular didn’t post anything is because Krystal and IU were both at Sulli’s services for all three days and Victoria had to drop everything in China and fly in. Reasonable people would assume this was the case and give them space, but there are far too many people who are anything but.

Victoria in particular responded to critics, basically saying all that needs to be said.

The obsession with having to make everything public is gross in itself, but especially when it comes to something so personal like this, it becomes even more ridiculous.

Ever the cynic, I figured it would be at least a week or two before people just went back to targeted harassment for little to no reason, but they didn’t even wait until her services were over.

Just kinda unreal, honestly.

Note: Apologies for this post, as I try not to follow up on news of this nature in order to avoid potentially contributing to further negative thoughts of people, but when I saw what was happening I had to get this off my chest for my own sanity.


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