IZ*ONE’s Ahn Yujin achieves every kid’s dream, gets approval from parents to ditch school

IZ*ONE member Ahn Yujin recently announced that she would be dropping out of School Of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA) high school and will now be home-schooled instead.

On October 25, a source from Off The Record Entertainment said, “An Yu Jin, her parents, and the agency carefully discussed An Yu Jin’s current situation and her future over a long period of time. We decided to go in the direction of self-study, home schooling, and later taking the qualification exam for her level of education to be recognized.”
The source continued, “We respect the wishes of An Yu Jin and her parents and will do our best to wholeheartedly support her so she can fulfill her wishes.”

This only makes sense to me. For most celebrities who have sorta made it already in one form or another, continuing the slog of going to school is honestly just performative and for prestige, especially since most can’t go frequently enough to make a difference anyway.

I remember when IU decided not to go to college people were mad online about it, so I assume there’s some of that here as well, but it’s a pragmatic decision.


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