Rainbow to release new song for 10th anniversary

All the members of Rainbow recently took to Instagram to post different colors of the rainbow in a show of unity, which also turned out to be teasing the recent report that they are set to release a new song in celebration of their 10th anniversary

On October 25, SPOTV reported that Rainbow will be treating fans to a special digital single to celebrate their 10 year anniversary since debut. It will be released on November 15, ten years since they made their debut in 2009, and they will be keeping the same name. The music video has reportedly already been filmed. Rainbow’s reunion project was reportedly led by leader Jaekyung. It came to fruition because their former company, DSP Media, agreed to the members’ wishes to spend their anniversary meaningfully.

It’s almost like they never disbanded with the amount of interactions they post on social media, so a 10th anniversary release is just perfect.

Also honestly sad to me how I thought to myself “how nice” at DSP allowing them to use their name for this one-off, instead of being like “I sure fucking hope so” over something that would simply be malicious on their part to deny. That’s where the bar is, I guess.


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