I.O.I’s anticipated reunion/comeback now seems to be dead in the water

Following confirmation in late June that I.O.I would be reuniting and making a comeback (even Chungha went public with it), those plans are now on the rocks, according to a recent report.

In July, I.O.I. announced reunion plans with nine-members (excluding Jeon Somi and WJSN Yeonjung) and shared that they recorded a new song and were planning on shooting the music video. However, there were allegedly disagreements between several members and the agency over the selection of their new title song. I.O.I. initially planned to have a reunion in October but it was pushed back to December. The agency did not provide a definite date for this reunion, however.

Additionally, they were already down Somi and Yeonjung in those plans, but now Yoojung is on hiatus due to health and Kyulkyung may not be able to make it anymore due to schedules in China.

Choi Yoojung also announced a hiatus due to health concerns. With Kyulkyung also expressing doubt over her participation in the reunion due to her promotions in China, a seven-member reunion does not seem feasible.

It’s also mentioned that the CJ E&M started to get cold feet due to the ongoing voting manipulation controversies.

As of now, a rep for the group says it’s basically dead in the water.

An I.O.I. representative said, “discussions between I.O.I. members and CJ ENM over the upcoming reunion have stopped. The agency and group are also no longer spending time selecting a title song. Due to Somi, Yeonjung, Yoojung, and Kyulkyung’s inability to join the reunion, the chances of it happening are getting slimmer. In addition, with the current circumstances surrounding CJ ENM and police investigations, it is making it more difficult to plan a reunion.”

Perhaps everybody should’ve expected this as the logistics were always going to be difficult, but it says a lot about exactly how difficult it is when you consider there’s only like maybe one or two members/companies who arguably wouldn’t benefit from this reunion happening.


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