Hong Jin Young settles disputes with former agency, starts her own called IMH Entertainment

Back in June, Hong Jin Young shared her issues with Music K Entertainment as she revealed that she would file for contract termination. After a bit of back-and-forth, it was revealed in September that Hong Jin Young withdrew the contract termination request and settled with her company.

Now it’s being reported that part of settling things with her company involved her leaving the company and starting her own called IMH Entertainment.

On October 30, a source from IMH Entertainment revealed, “All disputes between Hong Jin Young and her former agency were smoothly settled. There are no issues with her promoting.” The source continued, “Hong Jin Young is currently preparing to release a new album. Please look forward to Hong Jin Young’s future activities.” According to the source, IMH is an acronym for “I M (Am) Hong.” Hong Jin Young founded the agency with plans to promote actively and meet with her fans.

Good to hear because after all the complaints about Music K that she aired out, I was a bit concerned about what would happen at the company as she went back to them.

Hopefully the terms of whatever they agreed to in private weren’t anything harsh and she can move on from what seemed like a nightmarish schedule for her.


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