Choi Hang Seok & The Boogie Monster pen a soulful ode to being fat with “I’m Fat”

Even if you aren’t actually fat, Choi Hang Seok & The Boogie Monster‘s ode to being fat will certainly resonate with you on some level. “I’m Fat” is, as the kids say, a whole-ass mood.

The music itself is groovy and soulful, but it’s the lyrics that make the song.

Chocolate abs, fit body,
I don’t want anything like that,
Instead of eating three meals of nothing but veggies,
I’d rather just be fat and eat lots of meat,
Instead of working out pointlessly,
I’d rather just be fat and sleep a lot,
You ask me if I’m happy? YES!
I’m very happy because I’m fat,
If you all want to become happy as well,
give being fat a try.
I’m fat but I’m happy,
I’m fat so I’m happy.
Even if I go to department stores and markets,
Or specialty stores, they don’t have the right size,
THAT’S an XL?! An XL is THIS size?!
So I go to Itaewon to buy clothes,
If you go to Itaewon, they have lots of 2~5XL sizes,
And it’s all incredibly cheap,
So I’m able to save lots of money.
Everybody, do you want to become rich?
Then become fat,
Everybody, if you become fat,
You can become rich.
I’m fat but I’m happy,
I’m fat so I’m happy.
All my friends told me,
That I’d die young because I’m fat,
They said I’m fat so I’m lazy and won’t be able to work,
They told me I won’t be able to get married because I’m fat,
But all of those things were wrong,
I haven’t died yet,
And B.B. King was much fatter than I am,
And he lived into his 90s!
Moreover, I’m working really hard now,
And doing quite well,
Lastly, I’m living really well,
With an absolutely beautiful wife.
Do you guys want to be happy?
Then be fat,
You will certainly become happy.
I’m fat but I’m happy,
I’m fat so I’m happy.



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Thot Leader™