Crayon Pop’s Ellin accused of leading a man on in so-called 1 billion won ‘romance scam’

Former Crayon Pop member Ellin is making headlines recently after a netizen accused her of running a “romance scam,” essentially claiming she was leading him on for money and gifts and then bailed on their “relationship”.

The netizen wrote, “I used 1 billion Won on a female BJ and was the victim of a romance scam.” He further revealed he sent 700 million Won ($599,782.82 USD) worth of “balloons” (virtual currency on the Afreeca streaming platform) to the BJ and spent 300 million Won ($257,049.78 USD) more on gifts like necklaces, shoes, bags, and moving expenses. The netizen explained, “The amount isn’t important because it’s something I did because I wanted to. I don’t even want to get a refund on the ‘balloons.’ However, I don’t want there to be another victim of A’s irresponsibility when it comes to a person’s emotions.” He continued, “I’m writing this, so there’s not another victim like me. We exchanged a lot of KakaoTalk messages, and what I’ve shared is only a portion of that,” and shared screenshots of their message exchange. The netizen continued, “For 1 year, how could she give someone she doesn’t think of as a man her personal phone number, not the phone number she uses for streams, her personal address, let him go past the apartment gate in front of her door, send a photo of her legs when she wakes up, say that we should live together 3 years from now, and introduce me to her mother.”

I dunno, probably cause you were dropping six figures on her streams?

After being confronted, the BJ (Ellin) said she never asked him to spend money.

The netizen also stated that when he confronted the female BJ a few days ago, she responded that she never asked him to spend money on “balloons” for her. He then concluded he was shocked and hurt by what transpired, and he’s thinking of taking legal action against her.

There were also KakaoTalk receipts that he provided.

Sure, it seems based on his side of things like she let him think they were dating and accepted whatever he was willing to give. But my god, dude, really? By his own admission, he gave her a shit ton unprompted, so it probably would’ve continued regardless of whatever “relationship” they had. It’s comically naive to give anybody almost a million dollars worth of shit even if it was all at their request, much less when most of it came in the form of donations that begun on their own accord. To then get mad when it turns out she doesn’t actually want to marry you or something and maybe just wanted your money comes off a bit delusional.

According to the netizen’s claims, after watching the BJ on Afreeca, they even met in a private setting and developed a relationship that consisted of making casual calls to each other. And after he made “star balloon” donations at the scale of hundreds of millions of won, he proposed they plan a future together, but the BJ turned him down with the response, “I thought we were just close friends.”

This shit is like falling in love with a host in Japan and giving them a ton of money, so you get to meet them outside of work as a special service and you continue gifting them shit, and then later you’re surprised it was all an act and they don’t want to get married to you. Like … your entire “relationship” started with you giving them gobs of amounts of money for existing.

Look, I get that Ellin may have been giving him stringing him along, so that’s manipulative and people can have an issue with that if they want, but given that he ended up dropping six figures on her and admits it was primarily unprompted makes the fact that he’s considering suing her for essentially not banging him and/or not marrying him laughable. And quite frankly the implications of a win in a hypothetical lawsuit is kinda disturbing unless there’s more we don’t know.

When considering these issues, I always try to empathize with the person in question, and quite frankly if it happened to me I would just never want to admit any of this publicly. Yeesh.


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