Crayon Pop’s Ellin makes statement on 1 billion won ‘romance scam’, will respond on broadcast

Following an accusation by a netizen that he was ‘romance scammed’ by an unnamed streamer for 1 billion won, Crayon Pop‘s Ellin‘s public profiles went private and it was pretty obvious it was her. Well, Ellin recently confirmed that, issuing a response to the controversy, essentially saying that she’ll have a complete response when she gathers receipts.

On the afternoon of the 2nd, Ellin posted a letter on Afreeca TV bulletin titled “Hello, It’s Ellin” that said, “Hello, It’s Ellin. I want to sincerely apologize for the controversy that occurred yesterday. In particular, I’m sorry for inconveniencing my broadcast viewers and YouTube subscribers. A lot of people asked me if the article that was posted on November 1st was true and many of my colleagues and acquaintances also contacted me with their concerns. Many reporters and people from my company also asked me whether the article was true. The article has been exaggerated and misinterpreted a lot in the media. I will announce my position tomorrow through my broadcast. Once again, I sincerely apologize for causing such a stir. I’ll let you know the time tomorrow.”

Based on his story, I certainly understand that she was probably morally compromised to some extent despite him being a comically stupid dipshit, but the lack of skepticism about a guy who started as basically an obsessed fan dropping tens of thousands at a time on streams before her side even emerges was a bit surprising to me.

Now I guess we’re going to get the chance to compare the two sides of the story as at least it’s being acknowledged. Well, either that or this is another “scam” to increase viewership on streams or something. Either way we can use Ellin The Scammer, I think.

Joanne The Scammer, dead in a ditch.


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