PD Ahn Joon Young reportedly admits to manipulating ‘PDX101’ & ‘PD48’ rankings

Mnet producer Ahn Joon Young was recently arrested for suspicions of manipulating the results of the shows he was in charge of and taking bribes. Now SBS has reported that he has admitted to altering the rankings on not only ‘Produce X 101‘, but also ‘Produce 48‘.

SBS reported on November 6 that out of the four seasons of the “Produce 101” series, Ahn Joon Young has admitted to manipulating the results of the most recent two seasons, “Produce X 101” in 2019 and “Produce 48” in 2018. Ahn Joon Young has been arrested on suspicions such as fraud and breach of trust by taking bribery. According to SBS, the police have found that starting from the second half of last year, Ahn Joon Young has been entertained over 40 times at an adult entertainment establishment in Gangnam, paid for by agencies. The total amount spent for this is said to be over 100 million won (approximately $86,355). SBS reports that during police questioning, Ahn Joon Young admitted to the suspicions of manipulating the rankings of “Produce X 101” and “Produce 48.” He denied the suspicions of manipulation of the first and second seasons of “Produce 101.”

But honestly this isn’t the person they need to get. Rather whether this has any teeth will come down to whether police are willing to go after the companies who were controlling him.

On November 5, the police conducted a search and seizure of an additional agency that houses a trainee whose ranking is suspected of having been manipulated.

We shall see, but I’m skeptical. Ahn Joon Young is the easy guy to go after as a scapegoat, but none of this likely happens without the prodding of the companies, especially after they realized how much benefit there was to making it on this show for their companies. Like think they’re gonna go after AKS? I bet not.

Anyway, it was also reported that investigations into the rest of Mnet’s survival shows are still ongoing.


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