YG booked on 3 charges stemming from suspicion he covered up B.I’s drug case

After a few months of no updates regarding accusations that YG covered up B.I’s drug case, police recently called YG in for questioning and then booked him as a suspect on three charges

On November 5, the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency stated that they will question Yang Hyun Suk regarding the allegations that he threatened “A” over her testimony about B.I’s alleged purchase of LSD and marijuana in 2016. A source from the police stated, “It is true that we sent a request to Yang Hyun Suk to attend questioning. As the investigation is carried out privately, we cannot reveal whether Yang Hyuk Suk is being questioned as someone with information about the case or as a suspect.”

The Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency revealed that Yang Hyun Suk has been officially booked on charges of threatening, instigating the harboring of a suspect, and for occupational breach of trust. Yang Hyun Suk was summoned for police questioning on the morning of November 6 but did not attend, and he expressed his intent to reschedule the questioning.

Witness tampering and the like is not going to have financial records for the police, so despite it appearing likely that something happened such that this never got out to the public at the time, I wouldn’t expect much to come of it.

I doubt that anybody reading this site sincerely cares about the morality of B.I. using drugs, everybody gets that. It’s just about the allegations that YG flexed his influence, and if they somehow find that he didn’t, then it should be interesting to hear the explanation on how exactly things did go down.


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