YGE confirms CL is leaving, immediately delete her YouTube and stuff

Following CL reportedly leaving YG Entertainment, the company denied before eventually admitting to it in a statement.

Hello. This is YG Entertainment. Respecting each other’s opinions, we came to an agreement with CL to end her exclusive contract. We express deep gratitude to the fans who have shown for CL, who shined with her activities as an artist of YG. At YG, CL debuted with 2NE1 in 2009, and while promoting as a leader and rapper, she led trends in various areas including music and fashion. She also left a major mark in the history of K-pop when she became the first Korean solo female artist to chart in the Billboard Hot 100 on October 12, 2016. We ask for lots of interest and support for CL’s new activities, and YG will also cheer her on with unchanging trust and affection. Thank you.

Well seems as if YGE used that delay in “negotiations” to delete her YouTube, Facebook, and profile from the company site.


I get the company site stuff, but unless she requested they take down her pages — and considering even like Gummy‘s content is on YGE’s YouTube — this seems to be more personal than anything relating to company policy.



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