Crayon Pop’s Ellin apologizes to ‘romance scam’ netizen, settles issue

Crayon Pop‘s Ellin recently has been involved in a ‘romance scam’ with a netizen, which she denied and replied to on stream. Now though, she has reversed course, saying that she issued an apology to the individual in person and settled things with them.

She said, “A gave me the chance to apologize for a month but I foolishly did not. I wanted to continue working as a broadcaster so I handled it in a rash way by lying. I apologize.” Ellin said, “I met with him yesterday and we talked, and I found out that that he had known that I’d made a large mistake during the time we were meeting with good feelings, but he had pretended not to.” She went on to apologize for being selfish and making the situation worse by lying about it. “I have sincerely apologized to A and thankfully he accepted my apology,” she said. “We talked about how we won’t do anything that could harm each other in the future.”

I assume the “large mistake” being referenced is realizing they didn’t see things with each other in the same way, which … well, obviously given what transpired.

Most seemed to figure she was morally compromised in some way, it just depended on the extent, so criticism was always going to come sans some stunning turnaround. That said, those taking her side were primarily noting how comically stupid he was and were creeped out by the way this guy seemed to correlate donating money to feelings of entitlement, so not much likely changes there. I get the backlash against her since I don’t think she was naive while accepting gifts, but I still believe the netizen was mostly just mad about being rejected after trying to buy her affection and that expecting to move in together in Korea without even doing real couple shit was deluded.

Regardless, the back-and-forth makes her look shitty as hell compared to if she just apologized for the confusion/leading him on/whatever, and hopefully she’s made enough money doing this already cause it would figure that all the rage of the types of dudes who donate to this kind of stuff is gonna come down on her.

Meanwhile, if you’re just here for the mess … well, we’re back!


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