[Update] Lee Sang Min reportedly paid off his famous $6 million debt, but clarifies he’s not done yet

Lee Sang Min has parlayed his extensive debt into an equally extensive career as a variety show star, and it’s probably the thing he’s best known for at this point.

Well, debt no more for him, as he revealed on Kim Young Chul‘s ‘Power FM‘ that he’s paid everything back.

“My finances turned into the positives this year. Even right now, it feels like a dream. My goal for the past years has been the same. I just want to move forwards like I am now. It’s hard to live life in the same way, without any change. I don’t want to be arrogant, I don’t want to rush things, I don’t want to be greedy, I don’t wish for more, I just want to maintain my current ways.” – Lee Sang Min

My only concern is whether the theme of him being broke will stop. Hopefully not as that’s what ‘God Of Music‘ sorta revolves around and we need a fucking season three already. Fuck.


Apparently it is not quite paid off.

In the conversation, Kim Young Chul shares a link to an article stating that he’s done repaying his debt and asks “Hyung you’re not done repaying right?” Lee Sang Min responded, “Aah! I haven’t.”

‘God Of Music 3’ back on!


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